Welcome to the mosaic!

We are a diverse group of people.  We believe that God loves the world and all its people, and seeks to work unity, justice, and peace through the supreme outpouring of love in Jesus Christ.  As a community, we work to be an expression of this loving, inclusive community.  By being in a diverse community we learn more about ourselves—our gifts and our limitations.  Here we learn Christian practices and disciplines as we interact with each other, so that in time we can bear the fruits of the spirit to the glory of God—joy, patience, perseverance, kindness, forgiveness, and self-control.  In this mosaic, we are all broken but beautiful people, waiting for God to draw out the best of our gifts, colors, and shapes, so that we can be useful partners in God’s project to overwhelm the world in love. There is a space for you in this mosaic!

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