Who are we?

RBPC has about 100 members and a number of others who are regular attenders and friends of the community. Many of us are refugees and immigrants. Some of us are quite new to the community, while others are long-time members on whose faith the community and ministry has been built. We have about 15-20 children and youth who bring vitality and energy, and who have taught us much. Our older members are active in Bible study and fellowship groups. We are a generous, caring congregation and support each other in any and all circumstances. 

Time and location

We worship at 10 am at 9656 Waters Ave. S. in Rainier Beach (Seattle).  To reach the church from Rainier Ave. S., turn south on 57th Ave. S.  Proceed left at the fork; at this point the street name changes to Waters Ave.  After a few short blocks the church will be on the left.  Parking is off Kessler St. across from the church.

King County Metro bus 7 stops conveniently in front of the church on Waters Avenue South.

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Serving Christ by building an inclusive community that helps one another understand, experience, and reflect God’s love.

Contact us at: info@rbpchurch.com or Call us at (206) 722-8170

Office Hours: Monday- Friday 9:30 am- 1:30 pm


What to Expect

If it has been some time since you’ve been in church, it might seem a bit intimidating to walk into a service for the first time.  We hope you will feel right at home with us.  Here is a basic rundown of what you would expect to encounter in our worship service.

Our worship service is a time for the whole “mosaic” community to be together to praise God, pray, listen to the message, and reflect.  It is our hope that the spirit of God would be present to bring a word of hope, encouragement, or challenge to each of us—each of us broken people, looking for encouragement and hope.  We are an informal church, and you may come as you are.  When you enter the front doors someone will be there to greet you and answer your questions.  If you have an infant or children they will tell you about the nursery and the children’s program.  You may keep your children with you in the entire service if you prefer.

You will be given a bulletin that will help you navigate through the service.  It will indicate the hymn and song numbers, Scripture passages, and any prayers and words that will be said together. 

Because we are a wonderful “motley crew”, our musical style is also diverse.  We sing old and new hymns, as well as songs from around the world.  During the “Passing of the Peace” we shake hands or hug the people around us, wishing them the peace of Christ.  There is usually a “Children’s Opportunity” when the children come forward for a message just for them. After this message they are excused to their workshops.  They join us after the service downstairs, where we all have coffee, juice, and goodies.  On the first Sunday of the month we celebrate the Lord’s Supper, or communion.  All those who seek to follow the Lord Jesus are welcome to participate and be nourished for the journey.  Often after the Scripture reading and the sermon we have an opportunity to reflect on the theme of the day.  Sometimes we have the opportunity to respond in discussion, artwork, or song.

Adult and Teen Choir

Our choir represents the whole congregation as it lifts its voice in praise to God most Sundays with an anthem, and often helps the congregation learn new songs or sing parts of the liturgy.  Choir meets Wednesday evenings from 7:30 - 8:30 PM for rehearsal.  There is no audition required; many of our choir members sing from ear and are still learning how to read music.  We sing a varied repertoire.  All are welcome.

Our director is Meg Stohlman, a PhD candidate in Choral Conducting at the University of Washington.


We baptize believers and their children as a sign and a seal of God’s inclusion into the way of Jesus Christ and his community of followers, the Church.  We believe that God invites and includes us into this community even before we are old enough to know who God is, so we baptize children whose parents are part of the community.  We also baptize adults when they become members of the church, and ask them to commit themselves to the worship and ministry of this church.  Presbyterians usually sprinkle or pour water rather than immerse, but have been known to baptize in lakes or rivers if the whole community is present.

Communion (Lord’s Supper)

Jesus instituted the Lord’s Supper on the night before he was arrested and went to his death as a sacrament of remembering and eating together.  When we take the bread and wine (or juice) at communion, we are remembering his broken body and poured out blood.  We know that just as the actual bread and wine nourish our bodies, Christ is nourishing our spirits and building us up in our faith, trust, and hope.  We use two alternating methods of serving communion: Coming forward and intincting (dipping bread into cup), or being served in our pews as the elements are passed in trays.  All who desire to follow Christ and be nourished by him are invited to participate.