It Happened on the Way to Church...

Sunday at about 8:20 am I was driving to church and decided to turn on the radio.  I pressed the switch, and on came the sound of a nice older gentleman's voice.  For a fleeting second I thought, "That sounds a little like my grandpa", and then, a split second later, "WAIT!  That's my DAD!"  I hadn't heard that my Dad was going to be interviewed on NPR.  For the next five minutes, I listened to that familiar, yet far-away voice that I love so much.  If you would like to hear this brief intervew, you can find it here:

In case you are interested, let me just tell you this about my famous father.  I am very proud of him, and he has been a huge influence in my life.  He was one of the first college professors in the 60's to wear hiking boots to class, and started a trend.  He marched with Martin Luther King in Selma, Alabama in 1965.  He was written up in Time magazine and recently the New York Times.  He is a sought-after speaker in many countries, including Iran, Brazil, and China, and has sold more books in China than he has in the US.  He entered the academic world of philosophy at Harvard in the early 60's at a time when being a Christian was scoffed at in the academy, and over the years influenced many young Christian philosophers to engage in their discipline with their "heads held high" and their Christian beliefs brought fully into the discussion. 

For many years, I have kept my pride very low-key and under wraps, for fear of bragging about my Dad, which isn't cool.  But I have turned a corner, and I am going public for all to hear: I am very proud to be the daughter of my witty, wise, and wonderfully famous father, Alvin Plantinga!